Good Treasure that Brings Financial Treasure

Luke 6:45 NASB

“The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.”

“…America in financial crisis.” “…America in economic upheaval.” “…Handling the current economic crisis.”  “…What to do during financial mayhem.”  These statements are just a minute fraction of the snippets heard throughout the media during the most heavily marketed recession in history.  How does most media outlets profit during an economic downturn?  They become our source for financial updates by using fear to draw our attention.  In return, they can still charge premium dollars for advertising time.
Fear is highly marketable in today’s society, so it has to have a voice.  Someone has to believe it will sell and then add a voice to it.  Again, the above snippets are but a fraction of the statements used in print and television media to inject fear into the minds of society.  As a nurse injects potentially life-saving medicine into the vein of a patient, the media injects potentially death creating words into our culture.  These words play a very vital part in our potential to succeed financially.

In the above scripture, Jesus paints a very vivid portrait of how words affect our productivity.  A good man, with good treasure in his heart, will bring forth that which is good.  On the contrary, an evil man, with evil treasure in his heart, will bring forth that which is evil.  With this statement, three important questions are raised.

1. What makes the person a “good” person? 2. What is the good treasure? 3. How did the good treasure get there?

Although each of these questions can be answered in great detail, we will take the broad stroke approach in order to highlight the main ingredients.

According Romans 3:10-12, no human is inherently good or righteous.  This means goodness or righteousness must be conferred upon us—it cannot be earned.  Jesus earned our goodness or righteousness and through faith in His sacrifice, the Father confers or grants goodness to us. So in the scripture above, the person Jesus is mentioning is a person who has been the recipient of “the status of good.”  In a very practical way, this is what happened to the patriarch Abraham.  Scripture says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted [conferred upon him] as righteousness.”

Now that we understand how a person becomes good, let’s take another broad stroke approach to the second question, “What is the good treasure”?  Although through the new birth we have many different pieces of treasure placed into our treasure chest, this scripture is speaking specifically about the type of treasure called faith.  When we read Romans 10:10 and Hebrews 11:1, we find that faith is what I call “heart & hope substance.” It is an invaluable spiritual treasure, because it believes, pursues and obtains all of God’s promises; eternal life being the most important.

Let’s go ahead and put the last brush stroke on this lesson.  We have already discovered that the good man has been the recipient of a gift not a paycheck.  It was not earned, but granted.  Secondly, we have discovered that the treasure spoken of is faith.  It is the spiritual force given to obtain spiritual promises.  Now that we know what the treasure is, “How did the treasure get into our hearts”? The answer to this question is not a mystery either.  According to Romans 10:17, “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the words Christ.”  The only way for faith to come into our hearts is by hearing the Word of God without excluding ourselves from it.  Faith is not planted into our hearts by chance or coincidence.

By now, you may be wondering, “What does all this have to do with finances”?  This has everything to do with finances! Without a faith-filled diet pertaining to your finances, you will live with fear as your treasure and you will bring forth what is evil.  According to statistics by the Barna Research Group, “almost one third of the Christian population does not believe they can get ahead financially due to the financial mistakes they have made.”  This is a very staggering statistic but what is more amazing about this research is that it was pre-recession!

Another statistic by the Barna Research group further paints the picture of how the fear filled treasure from the media is affecting people and churches.

“The degree of reduction in giving is significant for churches. Among people who have decreased giving to churches and religious centers, 19% dropped their giving by as much as 20%,  five percent decreased their generosity by 21% to 49%, seventeen percent reduced their giving by half, and eleven percent sliced their provision by more than half. In addition, twenty two percent said they had stopped their giving altogether.” What do we think has “filled the hearts” of millions of American Christians?  Fear-filled treasure.  Pastors have to contend weekly with the “evil [fear-filled] treasure coming from the news media which is attempting to fill the hearts of their congregants.  We can contend with and change these statistics!  We can move from survival-mode into kingdom advancement.  This is the greatest time for the gospel to be distributed corner to corner.

With all this said, I along with the staff of Eternal Perspective, am the partner of pastors and members toward financial success. When we are successful financially, it enables us to more freely and liberally advance the kingdom of God.  It is our goal to serve pastors by providing faith-filled, relevant financial insight to their members so when they enter your services and serve with the vision, they are filled with faith so they can bring forth that which is good.

One of these services is our Club Prosperity™ Subscription.  Pastors, call or email our office so we can send you a complimentary CD on how a Club Prosperity™ subscription can bring financial education and increase to your members personally and your corporate vision.  If you are an individual, you can email us to get your trial subscription to Club Prosperity™.  Let’s fill our treasures with good, so that we can bring forth that which is good…even during recession!

Source: Marcus Benjamin

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