Reaffirm, Realign, and Reposition

Faith & Family

It is a grim picture… The epidemic of divorce, the moral failure of young people involved in sexual promiscuity, and the use of drugs and alcohol, and the indifference in the Body of Christ concerning the same, all indicate that the Christian family is in profound unrest.

The church must somehow help individuals bring structure to the gap between the profession of faith and possession of faith that changes a person’s lifestyle.

Depending on which poll you survey; fifty to sixty million assert they have had a born-again experience, but this experience does not translate into a positive cultural shift. Instead of the Christian culture bringing illumination and inspiration to the secular culture, it has plummeted into the same epidemic.

The solution is costly, yet simple; the church must reaffirm its allegiance to the biblical pattern of the home through declaration, realign its allegiance to the biblical pattern of the home through proactive measures, and lastly the church must reposition herself as the unifying change agent concerning the quality of life in the American family. Thus, the development of faith and family in American culture will require “the heart of the church to be turned back to the condition of our culture;” because the initiation of conviction, contrition, and conversion in any matter is on the side of the church. Pastors and church leaders must model the family roles in form and function in such a manner that young people will desire to imitate them when they marry. There must be a total commitment of individual lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Godly leadership and homes grow out of Godly lives.

Thus, the affect the church will have on the culture will require nothing less than a God encounter with the Body of Christ. PJM is invited to several events each month; youth conferences, men conferences, church anniversaries, etc; but we rarely are invited to a family focus conference. As your fellow laborer in Jesus Christ, I invite you to join the PJM family in diligently consecrating ourselves to God concerning the health of the American family.

The Christian family is the American (secular) family; we intrinsically intertwined. We have faced difficulty in the past and we are still here today because previous generations were willing to face the issues and pay the price. Futurist will tell us that the family will continue to grow displaced from Christian values and virtue. However, a true saint of God will tell you history and faith proves otherwise. We the “Body of Christ” must unify and rise to the challenge and present our evangelical message, as well as our evangelical homes to a secular world.

Reaffirm, Realign, and Reposition

Source: Marcus R. Shiver Sr.


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